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Law Enforcement Instructor Course

Do you want to improve people and take them to a higher professional level?
Do you want to become a trainer in the government sector and government level?
Are you already a trainer / instructor and do you want to have your skills internationally certified?

Become a Law & Enforcement Instructor and take the LE Instructor Development Course.

Law Enforcement Instructor Course has two main objectives.
The first one is to prepare comprehensively all candidates with training and teaching concepts to enable participation in all government related training operations Worldwide.
Second objective is to acquaint the participants with latest law enforcement tactical training standards to self-improve or enhance already existing foundation and take it to another operational level.
This course will also focus to develop first line leadership skill-set and situational awareness while under presure considering following elements:
My team-my task – our situation.
This is an opportunity for instructors already operating in different fields to increase instructor qualifications by learning the concept which has over 20 years of methodological and teaching experience in training the military, police and security personnel.

• Adult Learning Concepts
• Individual Skills Assessment ( Tactical Firearms competency / CQB Strategies / MoE / Incident Reportining / SaSP / Tactical Leadership / Risk Management / Planning
• Leader and Conflict Management
• Individual Skills Improvement Assessment
• Selection of teaching tools, facilities and equipment
• The use of PowerPoint presentation in training
• Selection of exercises/drills to the group level / level of student
• Presentation skills of students skills in teaching and Instructions- Workshop
• Advanced weapon drills
• Class Conclusion & Farewell

Admission requirements:
– Minimal 22 years
– No criminal record
– English language

Recognized bij KASTOC Certificate Law & Enforcement Instructor Development