K9 Scenario Training en High Stress Deployment.

KASOTC K9 Seminar Scenario Training en High Stress Deployment.

KASOTC is the only full-service K9 Training Center in the region. KASOTC K9 Training Branch maintains the highest standards and aims to be one of the world’s finest programs. Complete with support structures, training areas and lodging. Together with Fountex Company and Working Dog Consultancy we bring you an oppurtunity of a lifetime.

Patrick Petersen, founder and owner of Working Dog Consultancy, has been an patroldog instructor with the Dutch National Police for more then 12 years. He is a certified decoy and judge fort he Dutch National Police and has been giving seminars in the United States for the last 7 consecutive years.

In this seminar the topics will be:

  • Basic dog behaviorism
  • Theoretical lessons in behaviour (PowerPoint)
  • Theoretical explenation on operant conditioning
  • Indication training
  • Basic detection training
  • Obedience training
  • Drive & Motivation
  • Basic tactical use of the patrol work (building searches etc).
  • Tactical training entering buildings
  • Simmunition training with yout K9
  • Basic decoy work in a scenario based environment
  • Usage of a patrol dog
  • Handling techniques (leash control, positioning, reward etc.)
  • Car Procedures
  • Crowd control training
  • Water deployment training
  • Clickertraining

Whats in it:

– 3 daagse training
– 5 overnachtingen
– Accommodation
– Lodging (meals etc.)
– Finest instructors
– FX ammunition
– Vehicle training
– Airbus 300 training
– CQB Village
– Urban Village
– Gym and facility
– Pro Shop
– Pick-up Airport

Benodigde uitrusting:

– Casual clothing
– Clothing suitable for the climate (summer/winter) and conditions
– Training Gear
– Flight ticket
– PCR or Vaccination


€1325,- incl BTW
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